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Center of Systemic Leadership

The Center for Systemic Leadership is a joint venture between Rudolf Steiner College and Future Insight Maps (FIM).  The Center aims to equip leaders with the critical and systemic thinking skills to effectively work with complex issues in their communities and organizations.

Weekend Intensives, Workshops and Special Events

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The Center hosts courses in critical and systemic thinking for complexity management. Complex issues require new shapes of leadership and systemic methods, which use critical thinking, are an essential emerging tool. Systemic refers to something that is spread throughout, system-wide, affecting a group or system such as a body, economy, market or society as a whole.

Our work is both in supporting individuals in nurturing their capacities as leaders—those who take personal responsibility for the outcome—and communities in finding new ways to work through the complex issues which have them stuck, frustrated, or stumped. We wish to empower communities to learn how they can reveal the knowledge they already have in order to address the issues which are unique to their work.

We identify complex issues as:

  • The ones that keep us up at night.
  • With many variables…
  • With variables that are constantly changing…
  • Whose relationship between the variables is constantly changing…
  • Many of these variables are beyond our control…
  • The cause and effect can only be known after the fact…
  • We are pressed to make decisions…
  • People expect us to solve them.

Using well-tested and resilient methods and processes, we share with leaders and communities members how they can work with these issues themselves and find the answers to these problems through their own expertise and knowledge. When dealing with complex issues, the only ones who know the best ways of improving their situation are those who are in the midst of it.

We recognize that improving our thinking—and learning how to think about the issues or tasks before us—can greatly impact our impact. We provide courses in critical thinking that support clearer, well-reasoned thinking for greater impact in one’s work. Participants in our courses walk away knowing how to determine if an idea is a good one and to recognize appropriate modes of thinking for the task at hand.

Click here for our current course curriculum.

Facilitation Services

The Center for Systemic Leadership provides systemic facilitation for organizations and events, both at Rudolf Steiner College and on-site.

Our methods are systemic and are appropriate for complex issues. They are based on the systemic principles that we teach in order to release the embedded knowledge and experience of the members of the group.

We will meet with those decision-makers who seek support in managing the complex issues facing their organization.  We can do half-day workshops or 2-day intensives that build into concrete planning for improvement.  Feel free to connect with us to explore your specific needs.  Fees are negotiated, and a non-profit fee structure is available.

To find out more about the cost of our facilitation services and to discuss your unique needs, please visit our information page, or contact us at  916-864-4858 or


“The Systemic Thinking lessons, and the way of viewing the world that they facilitate, are unique, powerful, and singularly worth the price and process of the entire program. The systems labs, and a genuine understanding of the principles and intentions they convey, are the most intellectually humbling and inspiring components of the curriculum. The labs provide tools to competently approach issues that are large and complex with a methodology that no other individual expertise taught in business school can attain. Further the systems thinking work is deeply intertwined with successful critical thinking and entrepreneurial ventures.”

Con Fitzgerald, OneWellsFargo, the largest Retail Bank in the US, Top Strategic Planning Group reporting directly to the executive team

“As future leaders in sustainability, our jobs are to guide organizations through extremely complex issues. The Systems Labs are providing us with critical tools that will convert complex issues that are impossible to resolve into manageable portions that are easier to improve.
The conversation map taught in the first system lab is an excellent example of a useful tool, enabling complex problem resolution. I used this tool in my department last week to resolve a particularly difficult problem. It captured critical detail that would have been easily missed in normal conversation.
In summary, the information taught in the Systems Labs is extremely valuable to me as a successful future leader in the sustainability movement.” (Kiersten Light, Medtronics)
“I got a lot from the big picture breakdown of the sequence of systemic activities we learned through Process Mapping. This helped give me a comprehensive perspective of how each activity developmentally led to practical, actionable, items.” (Roxanne Rivas, Laney College Green Jobs Training Programs)