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Theodore C. Mahle, MFA

Theodore Mahle

Ted received a BS in Art Education from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, then worked as a Graphic Designer in New York City. After attending the Foundation Year in Anthroposophical Studies at Emerson College, Sussex, England, he completed the painting training with Beppe Assenza at the Goetheanum Painting School, Dornach, Switzerland, in 1976 (ERES MFA Equivalent) and was a teaching assistant in the school. He was employed for 3 years as a painting therapist at the Sonnhalde Schulheim Curative Home, Gempen, Switzerland, then returned to the US and directed the Arts Program, a year-long morning course in drawing and painting at the Rudolf Steiner College, from 1982 till 2003. Ted also taught at the Davis Waldorf School and continues teaching art at the Steiner College and workshops around the country. Website: