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Biodynamic Agriculture at Rudolf Steiner College and Meristem

Our Biodynamic Farm and Garden

At Rudolf Steiner College and Meristem, biodynamics is not just a theory but a way of life. Biodynamics is integrated into the life of the farm through both practice and education. As a center for biodynamic education, we proudly offer a comprehensive selection of biodynamic workshops, events, evening study groups, farm visits for school children, farm tours, volunteer days and a biodynamic herbal medicine internship program.

At the heart of our campus sits our integrated biodynamic farm. This includes the one-acre, Demeter-certified Raphael Garden and the 5 acres of Demeter-certified pasture for our biodynamic animal husbandry program. Founded in 1987, the farm supports small-scale, year-round vegetable production, medicinal and culinary herbs, a seed-saving operation, and seasonal fruit. All in a beautiful serene setting.






How We Model Biodynamics

We model biodynamics through a whole system approach to integrated biodynamic management that looks at the entire campus as a unique farm organism.

  • Our fertility is maintained using farm-made plant compost, farm-produced animal manure compost, cover crops, locally gathered mulch, and crop rotations.
  • Biodynamic preparations made in collaboration with the Biodynamic Association of Northern California are utilized on the compost, the soil, the fields, and throughout the entire 12.5-acre campus to enhance the vitality of the farm.
  • Approximately 50 biodynamic seed lines are produced and maintained on the farm. Therefore, the major portion of our seeds are shaped and adapted to our land, climate, and farm organism. We also produce enough seed to contribute to the biodynamic seed movement. We produce extra seed in collaboration with our friends at Turtle Tree Biodynamic Seeds and Meadowlark Hearth Seeds.
  • The farm provides the public with fresh biodynamic vegetables through the weekly Meristem Market Farm Stand and the Meristem Café on campus. Additionally, it produces amazing vegetables for Meristem students to utilize in their independent living skills program in the dorms.

Rudolf Steiner College is located in the suburban Sacramento community of Fair Oaks, about a mile from charming old Fair Oaks Village. The college is adjacent to the American River Parkway with hours of hiking and biking trails. The college is part of a larger Anthroposophic community, which includes the Christian Community Church, two Anthroposophic medical centers, Raphael Therapies and the Center for Living Health, and the adjacent Sacramento Waldorf School.

What is Biodynamics?

Agriculture is a way of thinking based on the indications given by the spiritual scientist Dr. Rudolf Steiner. The method that developed from his lectures is founded in a holistic land management approach to agriculture. This foundation is grounded in a practical and spiritual regenerative approach to ecological, social, and economic sustainability.

We strive to balance the farm organism, or ecosystem, through diversification of crops, animals, and practices. The ideal biodynamic farm is a self-sustaining entity that is enlivened by the relationship of biodynamic practitioners with the land. We create strength in our soil, our animals, our food, and our community through the addition of the biodynamic preparations. These preparations use minerals, herbs, and fermented manure to cultivate nutrient dense food and medicine. They also contribute to stabilizing the essential life forces of the farm.

Biodynamic agriculture has been practiced for almost a hundred years and this movement is gaining momentum. It is truly more than just a way of thinking, or a way to practice agriculture. It is a way of life that brings human beings into harmony with nature. 

For more information about biodynamics and the biodynamic movement, please visit the Biodynamic Association’s website at: or contact Cyndi Pointer at