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  • 9200 Fair Oaks Blvd, Fair Oaks, CA 95628
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Campus Information

Rudolf Steiner College

Fair Oaks Campus

The Fair Oak campus is comprised of 13 acres, 5.5 miles off of Interstate 80. It was opened in 1976.  Since then, facilities, offerings, staff, and services have expanded to meet the growing needs of the community. 

RSC's workshops and conferences are held throughout the year (Autumn, Spring, and Summer). Summer sessions for professional development and deepening opportunities are two days to two weeks long. Most classes in the Autumn and Spring are held on evenings and weekends, while the Summer session has classes through the week as well. Our community education courses offer short-term classes, and special interest workshops and seminars.

Area Map

Available On-Campus

  • Bookstore at Rudolf Steiner College
  • Clara's Counter, an organic café
  • To inquire about facility rentals, please contact our Customer Services Office at 916-963-2500. 
  • To inquire about visiting our campus, please contact us at 916-963-4000.

Information about our Area (Fair Oaks)

Below is a list of suggestions from the RSC community about preparing for your move, choosing where to live, and where to send your children to school.

Moving to the Sacramento Area

Rudolf Steiner College is located in Fair Oaks, California, approximately 15 minutes east of downtown Sacramento. The College is near the magnificent American River Parkway that offers scenic opportunities and activities such as hiking, fishing, and bicycling. Fair Oaks is surrounded by a variety of suburban neighborhoods that include single family homes, townhouses, and apartments. There is a wide variety of shops and businesses in the area, many are locally-owned, and there are also larger chain-stores.

If you are moving to the area, we encourage you to take into consideration the commute time, as well as what is important to you. Scattered around Sacramento are anthroposophical organizations and school communities, including:

Getting Around 

While it is possible to ride a bike and to take public transportation in the area, Sacramento County’s urban sprawl is designed for automobile use. If you will be staying off-campus while attending an event, there are bike trails you can use to get to campus or you may need a car. Staying in the dormitories on our alcohol- and drug-free campus is only an option for summer session participants. To learn more about our campus housing, please visit our Housing page.

For more information on local public transportation, please visit


Fair Oaks is primarily located in the heart of the Sacramento Valley with easy access to the mountains (1.5 hours by car), the ocean (2 hours), San Francisco (1.5 hours) and to Yosemite National Park (3 hours). There are also several charming, historic Gold Rush-era villages located nearby (30 minutes-to-two-hours by car). 

Weather in the Fair Oaks Area

Fair Oaks area weather ranges from hot, dry summers to cool and wet winters. Autumn and spring boast lovely mild weather. Participants of winter events will want to have warm clothes for the frosty and wet weather, and loose, sun-protectant clothing is recommended for the summers. 

Applying to Local Waldorf Schools

There are eight independent and public Waldorf schools near RSC. The Sacramento Waldorf School ( boasts a pre-K-12th grade curriculum, is the most established school in the area and is right down the hill from Rudolf Steiner College. Camellia Waldorf School ( is located south of the downtown Sacramento area and is perfect for urban families seeking a Waldorf curriculum. Applications for most Waldorf schools are due in the winter of the preceding school year. Some schools accept applications throughout the year for spots that may become available. Other schools include: