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Community Education

Biodynamic Education

The Rudolf Steiner College is a leading center for Biodynamic education. Throughout the year a wide array of workshops, conferences, intensives, and other opportunities to study Biodynamics and nature are provided at our Fair Oaks, CA campus. There are several regular workshop series. The Saturday Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Workshop Series combines’ classroom work with hands-on activity and is held monthly throughout the school year, culminating in a week-long intensive in June. Other workshop series focus on Backyard Gardening, Beekeeping, and Nature Observation. Evening courses are available throughout the year for the study of the Agriculture Course, nature observation, Goethean science, and more. Our full-time biodynamic farm apprenticeship offers four apprentices one year of hands-on work on the farm.

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Center for Systemic Leadership

The Center for Systemic Leadership is a joint-venture at Rudolf Steiner College that hosts courses in critical and systemic thinking for complexity management. We recognize that complex issues require new shapes of leadership and systemic methods, which draw upon critical thinking, are an essential emerging tool. Systemic is something that is spread throughout, affecting a group or the whole of society. The Center is unique in that it trains people in developing the thinking skills both to assess the value of ideas and also how to address, and manage, complex issues. The methods which we teach through the Center draw strongly upon Steiner's understanding of the human being, of healthy group dynamics and of the need for hygienic group processes that enable the best of a group to shine through. The Center offers courses throughout the year, and specialty workshops. Our instructors are also available for on-site workshops and facilitation work.

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The Waldorf Approach Applied in the Public School Classroom

This two-week summer institute in Fair Oaks, CA gives PreK–8 public school teachers a joyful and empowering hands-on experience of fully integrating the arts and active learning into the academic curriculum. Registration is available through our website. For more information please contact Edmund Knighton at

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The Art of Teaching, Grades

The Art of Teaching is a summer hands-on course for Waldorf teachers already in the classroom. It is both an opportunity to rejuvenate oneself after the year and to deepen one's preparation for the coming year. Contact Edmund Knighton at

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For information concerning registration for conferences, workshops and seminars, please go to Register Online or contact us.

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