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Consciousness Studies

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Consciousness Studies Intensive

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One 3-Week Intensive, August 10-28, 2015 Monday-Friday, 8:15am to 3:20

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About this Course

Most esoteric traditions teach that a human being is composed of a physical body that is animated by a soul and a spirit. The soul and the spirit are known traditionally as subtle bodies. Misalignment's between the subtle bodies require a person to initiate a dialogue process of inner transformation called initiation.

This newly revised program is designed to explore the fundamentals of this process through a combination of lecture, artistic work, and seminar conversations. The three-week intensive covers basic principles of esoteric practices.


The daily flow of the course begins with lectures on the challenges and potentials of initiating changes in the subtle bodies, as seen through the lens of Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science. The second period engages the artistic faculties through guided collage exercises that allow for precise journalling of feelings arising from the design process. The third period is devoted to seminar conversations on texts that describe the dialogue process found in initiation science. Afternoons are devoted to working with these themes through painting.


What graduates say about the intensive:

"Consciousness Studies is the best gift I’ve ever given myself. Truly a life changing Intensive. The changes were subtle, yet profound." (Joyce Coy, MS)

"I speak of this Intensive with those I meet and recommend it for the unique energy and tools it offers towards meeting the pressing issues of this very critical time in which we live." (Jean-David Derreaumaux)

"By the end of the intensive, each student recognizes that this has been no traditional course of learning but a carefully crafted initiatory journey, with the alchemical tree of life as its underpinning." (Linda Sussman, Ph. D.)

For information concerning registration, please contact the Conference Registration Office at or call 916-961-8727, ext. 151.