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Connecting Within and With Others

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Center for Biography and Social Art
Saturday, April 2, 2016
10:00am to 5:00pm
$75, $60 senior/student

Life through a Wider Lens: A workshop for bringing social artistry to life

What if we knew that the same forces that work in the sprouting seed or the circling stars are at work in our own lives?

What if we knew that when we look into the face of another we are seeing a part of ourselves?

Little by little and piece by piece… perhaps we could re-member this life ~ our life ~ into a whole and a holiness again.

There is a creative spark in us that allows us to see in ever new ways.  When it is enkindled by our willingness to try something different, to look newly, it begins to glow.  And when we share in this glow with others, how could we not be warmed?

“Look into yourself to find the world.  Look into the world to find yourself.”   - Rudolf Steiner

Come willing to look at something from nature; to find yourself in a postcard; to write your life in 5 sentences; to look and listen to another ~ to give the gift of your attention to whatever is before you ~ and to share.

Come spend a few hours finding what life might have to say to you if you really listened.

Biography and Social Art practitioners offer workshops and classes on a variety of life themes, infusing the learning process with social art. Sessions might include short talks, biography exercises, work with story, nature observation, artistic activity, inner practice, and small group conversations. One of the gifts of this way of working is a heightened appreciation for each unique life as it resonates within the context of universal patterns. Exploring biographical questions with others invites new self-understanding, and it also awakens interest in the experiences of others. In our ever more virtual world, it fosters real meetings and genuine appreciation for the diversity of human striving and creativity.

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Workshop offered by Patricia Rubano, director of the Biography and Social Art program. A NEW Biography and Social Art program cycle will begin in August 2016 at Rudolf Steiner College for the first time on the West Coast. For more information, visit