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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Programs and the Admissions Process

How can I contact Admissions?

Please note: RSC is taking an enrollment pause and is not accepting applications for any matriculated programs.

Phone: 916-963-1100

Fax: (866) 427-8373


Mailing address: 9200 Fair Oaks Blvd., Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Where can I find information on requirements for the Programs and Modalities?

Please review the documents described below before applying to a program or modality:

Admissions Requirements: includes an outline of the application steps, as well as college admission requirements (such as GPA, previous education, etc.), and any additional program and modality specific requirements.

What is a Modality?

The Waldorf Teacher Education Diploma and Degree Program offers different pathways to earning either a Diploma or a Degree.  These pathways are called “Modalities” and they each have different locations, yearly schedule, and over-all time frame.   The Modalities are: Residential, Weekend/Part-time (San Francisco), and Summer.  

What is the difference between the Certificate Programs and Diploma/Degree Program?

  • Certificate Programs are considered college-level and require that applicants have graduated from High School.  Successful completion of the Remedial Program and the Waldorf Teacher for Subjects Program culminate in a Certificate.
  • The Waldorf Teacher Education Diploma and Degree Program is graduate-level and requires a four-year bachelor’s degree or the equivalent.  Successful completion of this program culminates in a Waldorf Teaching Diploma.  For those accepted into the Master’s, successful completion culminates in a Degree in Education, Waldorf Concentration (the MA is State-approved; RSC is currently in the candidacy phase of accreditation).

What does “matriculated” mean?

Matriculated programs at RSC are ones in which students must apply for acceptance and for which there are records kept on attendance, grades and course completion. Transcripts are available for all students in RSC’s matriculated programs. Students enrolled in a one of these programs are “matriculating” toward a certificate, diploma or degree.

Why is it so important to enter a valid email address when logging in to start the Application?

Once you hit “submit” after logging into the application portal, you will be directed to another page on which you begin your full application form. At the same time, two system-generated messages will be sent to the email address you entered on the portal page. If the email address is not valid, you will not receive these important emails:

  • The first asks you to verify your email address.
  • The second gives you a link to your application which allows you to leave your application partially completed and return to it later. Please use this link rather than going through the log-in portal a second time, as this will create a new application.  
  • If you do not receive either the verification or the application link, or if you lose the application link, please contact Admissions.
  • Once you complete and submit your application, the same link will take you to a static copy of your application for your records.

What if I have questions about the application while filling it out?

Just click the Questions button at the top of the application form, which opens an email in which you may ask your questions.

Will you need my social security number?

Yes, you will be entering it into the secure online College Application.  This number will not be used as your Student ID number, but is an essential part of your student record. 

How secure is the information I submit online?

Please see our Online Privacy Policy

When and how do I submit my application fee?

Applicants pay this non-refundable fee once per program.  The fee is due at the time of application.  Previous students applying for a new program also pay this fee.  You will not be able to submit your online application until we receive this fee.

You can submit the Application Fee by:

  1. Credit card:
    • ONLINE--Use the payment option embedded in the online application.
    • OVER THE PHONE--Call the admissions office at 916-961-8727 ext 100.  
  2. Check or money order: made to Rudolf Steiner College and mailed to:

Rudolf Steiner College

9200 Fair Oaks Blvd

Fair Oaks, CA   95628, USA

ATTN: Admissions Office

The application fee is $50 (fifty) US dollars (non-refundable).  

What happens after I submit my application?

  • Once all parts of the Application are submitted, including transcripts and any program specific addendums, they are reviewed by Admissions for compliance with college and program entrance requirements.
  • If entrance requirements are met, the appropriate Program or Modality Director will review your application.  
  • Admissions will email you with your status in the program or modality.  Please see Admissions Process Overview and Admissions Requirements for further details.
  • If you are accepted, you will be sent a link to pay the Advance Registration Deposit of $100.00.  After RSC receives the payment, you will be sent a student login to RSC’s student system Populi, as well as other materials related to your program.

Are there extra requirements for International Applicants?

Yes, International applicants follow the same admission procedure as domestic applicants including requirements for non-US  transcripts and English proficiency (See Admissions Requirements).   If accepted, international students will need to prove sufficient financial funds before RSC can issue F-1 visa related documents.  Please see International Students webpage for details.

How much is Tuition?

A chart listing tuition costs, credits per semester, fees and estimated expenses for each program and/or modality is available on the Tuition and Admissions Forms page or by emailing

How do I apply for Financial Assistance?

Please contact Financial Aid Office at or 916-963-1163 for all questions about financial assistance, including what is available for your program, your eligibility to receive assistance, and how to apply.  There is no financial aid available for International Students.

How do I pay Tuition?

All students must contact the Financial Aid Office at or 916-963-1163 to make arrangements for paying tuition, including any assistance or pay plans.  Tuition will be due each term for the credits per term. 

How do I apply for On-Campus Housing?

Please contact the Housing Office at or 916-963-2500 for questions about on-campus housing.  You may also visit the Housing page of our website, where the most current rates and Housing Request Forms are available, along with information on local hotels and airport shuttles.